The Touch of The Texts

When you read texts, you sometimes stop reading by texts' stimulus. During this, you could enjoy the touch of texts.
As texts leave information in your brain, yor leave marks on texts by touching. These are your touching traces. You could roll it in your brain, at the same time, on your palm.

As you move over a mouse cursor and click on a sentence, it floats, trembles and turn around.
(When you use the Netscape Navigator, the response will slow.)

Try the feeling of the touch on "The pleasure of the texts" by Roland Barthes.
drift          (Japanese character version)
listen         (Japanese character version)
isotropy     (Japanese character version)
After read with touching, print the page, then you could make impressions of your touch on the paper.

Enjoy the touch on your own texts.
Input your texts.
Select a pattern for touch and push a create buttom.
drift   listen   isotropy   ||     
If you safe a created page as a HTML file, you could recall an original touch anytime.

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